So what exactly is our mission? We are committed to seeing unreached and under-reached people groups transformed by the life changing power of Jesus Christ. We are aiming to produce and train disciples and churches to become healthy, multiply, and to fill entire communities with God's likeness using the 4 Fields/T4T process. A basic summary of 4 Fields can be understood as this: Field 1 - Engaging and building relationships with the lost. Field 2 - Sharing the gospel effectively so that it continues to be shared among those who receive it. Field 3 - Discipling new believers in a way where they learn how to disciple others at the same time. Field 4 - Starting churches with new disciples in their homes or other various locations with the intention to stay small. Staying small allows for greater accountability, which can lead to quicker spiritual growth, and moreover a church that reproduces and creates other churches. 

We are a part of a global team and vision called  #NoPlaceLeft, which comes from Acts 19:10. In this passage, we see that every person in the entire province of Asia heard the Word of the Lord in a period of 2 years. We desire to see similar results today! Tom serves as a church planting member of e3 PartnersI Am Second who has vision to multiply 1 million churches globally by 2020.  We are also part of the #NoPlaceLeft Coalition of global CPM (Church Plant Movements) trainers/practitioners. While we belong to these two global teams of leaders and trainers, we are also a part of local #NoPlaceLeft teams. This is strategic in order to reach the surrounding cities and communities that make up the region of the state we live in, South Florida.