Training Resources:

4 Fields-T4T (Training for Trainers) Process:
The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth (2014) by Nathan & Kari Shank    
(English | Spanish)
T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution by Ying Kai & Steve Smith                (Book | Kindle)
What Jesus Started by Steve Addison (Book | Kindle)                            (adapted for Western context)
-Article: T4T: Training For Trainers Process by Steve Smith via               Mission Frontiers
-Mission Frontiers: Church Planting Movements Edition                         (PDF Web Version)
-Mission Frontiers: T4T in USA Edition (PDF | Web Version)
4 Fields” Illustration of T4T Process (updated for US Context June 2014)
The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth (2014)
by Nathan & Kari Shank

Other Books:
T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution by Ying Kai & Steve Smith (Kindle)
The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth – Free PDF / Spanish by Nathan & Kari Shank (2014 edition)
Church Planting Movements by David Garrison (Kindle)
Movements That Changed the World by Steve Addison (Kindle)
-A Wind in the House of Islam (T4T among Muslims) by David Garrison (Kindle)
The Lost Art of Disciple Making by Leroy Eims (Kindle)
Acts 29: Practical Training In Facilitating CPM Among                                  Neglected Harvest Fields by Bruce Carlton
Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to Live. by David Platt (Kindle)
Dreams and Visions by Tom Doyle of e3 Partners (Kindle)

Gospel and Discipleship Resources:

GOSPEL-Reproducing Evangelism Tools:
The Romans 6:23 Bridge + Immediate Follow-Up 
Three Circles Evangelism (Training video | App – iTunes / Android)
FOLLOW-UP: What To Do Next With 4 Responses to the Gospel
C2C: Creation to Christ Story | C2C Slides (for Hindus, Buddhists)

-“The 3 Circles” Gospel Presentation: Training video (App – iTunes / Android)

GOSPEL-“Yellow Light” Bible Studies (to lead with non-Christians):
The 7 Stories of Hope by Jeff Sundell
Other Evangelistic Bible Studies:
Survey of Mark’s Gospel (using Swedish Method) by David Helm (8 lessons)

Thru the Bible by Gary Stump (8 lessons)
Creation to Christ Bible Study by David Watson

Starting Point for Existing Believers: “Why, Who, How” (PDF)
  Why make disciples, Who to share with and How to share?

GROW: Short-Term Discipleship for New Believers:
Short Term Discipleship Lessons by Gary Stump/Onward Church (Fishers, IN)

“The 7 Commands of Christ” Discipleship Lessons (click here)
The Discipleship Cycle Booklet by Jeff Sundell
Ying Kai’s Discipleship Lessons (English) | Japanese
Commands of Christ by Chuck Wood/Jesus Up-In-Out Network (San Antonio, TX)

GROW: Long-Term Discipleship in Community:
T4T (3/3s) Small Group Format by Ying Kai
Study of Mark Schedule
Foundations (Training for Shepherds) by Jared Houk
Radical’s Secret Church Video Trainings by David Platt
Vision Casting Vignettes by Steve Smith
The Bible Storying Scarf (for children) by International Missions Board