We are the Clark's! Tom, Dana, Maiya (5), and Aliyana (3)! We are committed to producing and training disciples and churches to multiply! Our desire is to see the image and likeness of God spread in ALL people throughout the whole earth! We love God and love people tremendously! We share a passion to bless people by being as much like Jesus as we can. We spend a ton of time together as a family, swimming in our community pool, going to the beach, prayer walking, playing in various parks around town, or wrestling on our living room floor! Tom and Maiya share an amazing passion for eating! They really love food and food loves them back! Dana and Aliyana share an amazing passion for exercise! They are both very active and keep the family moving in a healthy way!  One thing we want people knowing is that our ministry isn't just what Tom and Dana will be doing, our whole family will be involved in living out the great commission together. 



The Clark's live in the city of Stuart, FL which is nestled smack dab in the middle of the #1 most never-churched area in the nation...the Treasure Coast (Barna Research). This equates to about 1 out of every 6 people in our community that have never attended a church regularly at any point in their lives. The Treasure Coast is also one of the top 10 unchurched areas (coming in at #10 with 48% unchurched) among the nations most unchurched cities (Unchurched adults are defined as not attending a church service, except for a holiday or special occasion, at any time within the past six months). This statistic equates to nearly 1 out of 2 people not being connected to a church body whatsoever. Tom and Dana have recognized the need for something different to take place in order to reach the unreached in their community. 





Tom and Dana met at their church youth group, (Alpine Baptist Church), of which Dana was the pastor's daughter, and thankfully that didn't scare Tom away. Tom and Dana got married in May of 2007. Tom attended and graduated from Moody Bible Institute, where he received his BA in youth ministry. Tom and Dana interned at Lake Ann Camp next, and then received a new job about a year later as the youth pastor team of Treasure Coast Community Church. God blessed them with two daughters and 6 wonderful years of ministry at TC3. In the summer of 2015, Tom and Dana had a God shaped burden put on their heart for discipleship multiplication and reaching the lost with the message of Jesus Christ. Through much prayer, and multiple confirmations of peace, they knew God was calling them out of their church so they could focus more on ministering to the lost of their community. Today, that is what they are doing full time as a family! (To understand what this looks like exactly...click on the  "Our Mission" tab to discover more!)